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Antigua & Barbuda Maps:

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Directions to Agave Landings from V.C. Bird Airport: 

(printer friendly map & directions)

Directions Distance
Start: VC Bird International Airport -
1: Depart and follow airport exit road 0.2mi/0.3km
2: Turn LEFT (South) onto Airport Road (Sir George H. Walter Highway) past the RUBis station on left 1.7mi/2.7km
3: Proceed STRAIGHT on Airport Road (Sir George H. Walter Highway) through traffic light at Old Parham Road past another RUBis station on the right 0.7mi/1.1km
4: Turn RIGHT (West) at traffic light (RUBis on left-corner) onto Factory Road (obtuse right turn) 0.7mi/1.1km
5: Turn LEFT (South) at traffic light (Car dealership on left) onto American Road 0.9mi/1.4km
6: Proceed STRAIGHT on American Road through traffic light (Townhouse Mega Store on left-corner) at All Saints Road 0.1mi/0.2km
7: Turn RIGHT (West) (just past the car wash) onto Whenner Road 0.4mi/0.6km
8: Take sharp LEFT (South) at traffic light onto Valley Road (past the Golden Grove Primary School) & proceed STRAIGHT on Valley Road through Golden Grove Village 1.3mi/2.1km
9: Proceed STRAIGHT on Valley Road across Friendship Bridge (has yellow railings) to Ebenezer-Jennings Village 0.9mi/1.4km
10: Proceed STRAIGHT (past RUBis station on right) on Valley Road through Ebenezer-Jennings Village to Christian Valley Agricultural Station 0.9mi/1.4km
11: Proceed STRAIGHT on Valley Road past Christian Valley Agricultural Station on left to Bolans Village 0.6mi/1.0km
12: Proceed STRAIGHT on Valley Road through Bolans Village and past Jolly Harbour Resort (on right) 0.9mi/1.4km
13: Proceed STRAIGHT on Valley Road past Jolly Harbour Vacation Resort to Valley Church 0.8mi/1.3km
14: Proceed STRAIGHT on Valley Road past Valley Church (on left) to the Ffreyes Beach stone marker or sign for Agave Landings and Dennis' Restaurant (on right) 0.4mi/0.6km
15: Turn RIGHT (West) at Ffreyes Beach stone marker 0.2mi/0.3km
16: Bear LEFT (Southwest) at first street on left 0.1mi/0.2km
Finish: Turn LEFT (South) into Agave Landings Complex -

Total travel time: 25 minutes


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